Happy Administrative Professionals Day

Emily Winchatz

Manager of Operations, Emily Winchatz, discusses Administrative Professionals Day, and the key functions, resources, infrastructure, and processes they support to ensure successful operations for the entire team.

What is an “administrative professional” and why do we celebrate them each April? Administrative roles are different from organization to organization, but constant is that we often have to do it all – from benefits to IT support to contracts and billing. Regardless of what type of organization you work for, I guarantee there is a team of administrative professionals supporting you behind the scenes. Take a moment to reach out and thank them. It’s easy to overlook the work that they are doing, but it’s important.
At Signal, administrators are on the Operations team. Our goal is to make any and all changes feel as seamless as possible – that’s where administrative professionals come into play.  We provide the resources, infrastructure, and processes to ensure our employees can do their jobs well. We deploy the sails and turn them into the wind.
I feel satisfaction each time I sign a new client contract, onboard a new employee, or plan a successful team building event. I love working with my team, and I truly enjoy serving as a resource to my colleagues at large. Some of the key Operations functions are:
Office Relocations and Remote Work
On normal weeks, the Operations team works tirelessly so that employees have the resources they need to provide exceptional client service. We relocated our office in 2019, which meant coordinating moving services, designing and setting up a new office space, and ensuring IT support transitioned without a glitch. Employees left the old office on Friday and entered a totally new and fully functional office on Monday. The overnight switch to remote and hybrid teams in 2020 is another example of how administrative professional assist teams in a rapidly changing business environment.
Annual Benefits Updates
Each year, we negotiate for the richest possible benefits plans for our employees and their families. This process involves analyzing costs, reviewing plan options, and rolling out materials to help employees determine which plan works best for them. The Operations team provides plan details and enrolls employees in selected benefits – a time consuming and essential process.
Contracts, Payroll and Bills 
The Operations team writes client contracts, runs payroll, invoices clients, and pays the bills. We are responsible for invoicing, payroll, and providing financial analysis to the Management Committee.
Our team ensures our team has up-to-date equipment and that our data is secure. Software updates, phone systems, scanners, etc. all need to be maintained, and it’s the Operations team who keeps on top of it.
Human Resource Functions
We lead hiring, employee onboarding, and biannual performance reviews. We ensure employees have the materials and information they need to excel at Signal. Candidate follow-up and tracking is crucial to maintain best practices for a healthy and equitable work environment.

Emily would like to shout out her Operations Team colleagues Drew Shirkey and Christine Ryon for all they do to “keep the trains on the tracks.” You can find Emily on LinkedIn or reach her at ewinchatz@signaldc.com.

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