Building A Crisis Roadmap

Building A Crisis Roadmap

No cybersecurity event is exactly like another, but by studying major breaches at U.S. companies closely, there are lessons to be learned about how to respond to a crisis. 

The Challenge

Our client, a major U.S. company and well-known consumer brand, suffered a significant cyber breach, impacting the private data of millions of its customers and posing a serious threat to its business and reputation. The client knew they would face negative press coverage, Congressional scrutiny, and possible regulatory action. They also knew they were not the first company to face these challenges, so they wanted to see how their initial communications response measured up and know what to anticipate in the weeks and months that followed.

The Solution

Signal’s Communications team conducted a comparative analysis of several other cyber breaches at high-profile companies and organizations, which included an evaluation of publicly-available communications messaging to impacted customers and a comprehensive survey of the media response, statements from lawmakers, and legal and regulatory actions. Signal then developed a list of best practices and key takeaways to inform the clients future communications and advocacy messaging.  

The compilation of data and lessons learned from similar incidents allowed our client to focus their communications team’s messaging and tactics and assist their advocacy team in preparing for a range of possible scenarios.


  • Research and Comparative Analysis
  • Crisis Communications Strategy + Messaging
  • Insights into Media, Congressional, and Regulatory Scrutiny
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