8 Communications and Marketing Trends to Watch in 2023

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Vice President of Communications Scott Lusk shares eight communications and marketing trends to expect in 2023

2022 was challenging for the communications industry. The Great Resignation, shrinking newsrooms, social media chaos, filled-to-the-brim news cycles, and on and on.
2023 is certain to offer more challenges – and some key opportunities – for public relations professionals. Eight key trends to watch are below.
Data and Analytics Will Drive Communications Strategies
Communicators will increase the use data-driven approaches to show the value of their work and optimize their strategies in real time. Data and analytics will continue to provide deeper insights into how target audiences engage with messages and digital content.
LinkedIn Becomes the Leading Thought Leadership Platform, Especially in B2B Industries
LinkedIn will become the go-to platform for established and aspiring thought leaders. LinkedIn allows leaders to share their unfiltered points of view and build personal relationships with journalists and other professionals in their sector.
Journalist Engagement Thrives with Personalized Pitches
One-size-fits-all mass pitches are officially out. Top communicators will personalize media pitches to specific journalists and outlets to prove they understand their industry and its news cycle. This will also create instant trust and credibility with reporters – helping build long-term relationships.
Audiences Remain Disinterested in Misinformation and Jargon
Fake news and misinformation have left the public wary of whom to trust. Communicators must develop an authentic voice for thought leaders to show that they genuinely believe in what they are saying. Communicators should also include speaking points about an organization’s ethics and values. Tangible actions in these areas will be much better received than corporate jargon.
Face-to-Face Reporter Meetings Will Make a Comeback
Reporters and communicators will meet in person much more often, especially for meet-and-greets with subject matter experts, interviews for profile pieces, and discussions on complex topics.
Thought Leaders Rely on Owned Media
Striking a balance between earned and owned media is essential in 2023. Smart communicators will prioritize owned media for thought leaders to express their values and differentiators in an unfiltered way.
Lo-Fi Content Will Win the Day
Top content creators will produce more authentic Lo-Fi content. Lo-Fi videos are more relatable and trustworthy – and this content will be most popular among viewers.
Messages Become Simpler and More Concise
Communicators must draft simple and concise messages. This will help carry the message across media opportunities, web and digital copy and social media platforms.
If you would like to discuss your organization’s public affairs or digital marketing strategies, please reach out to Scott at slusk@signaldc.com. You can also follow him on LinkedIn.

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