4 Ways to Protect Your Brand Before a Crisis Hits

Scott Lusk

Vice President of Communications Scott Lusk discusses proactive strategies to take before a crisis occurs and shares four tips to build trust and goodwill with key audiences.

Crises are more common and disruptive than ever. Top communicators know that a reactive crisis communications plan is not enough to prevent lasting damage to an organization’s brand.
Proactive communications strategies help protect an organization’s brand, reputation and credibility before a crisis occurs. Organizations with an ongoing communications plan will navigate a crisis more smoothly and rebound more quickly after a crisis ends. Below are four tips to build trust and goodwill with key audiences.
Prioritize Accuracy and Transparency
Because today’s news environment is filled with misinformation, organizations must prioritize accuracy and transparency in all communications with key stakeholders. Precise and open communication builds trust and goodwill that will be invaluable during a crisis.
Earn Credibility
Credibility is vital to establish and maintain an organization’s brand and reputation. Regular, proactive communication with key stakeholders enables organizations to establish credibility before a crisis occurs.
Build Support
A community of stakeholders willing to publicly support an organization during a crisis is critical. Organizations should build identify and communicate with supportive groups and individuals regularly to build goodwill.
Focus on Employees and Communities
Goodwill from an organization’s employees and communities is critical during a crisis. Organizations must constantly build trust with employees, clients, customers, vendors supports and other stakeholders. If organizations support employees and are active in their communities, then the public is much more likely to appreciate their position during a crisis.
If you would like to discuss your organization’s public affairs or digital marketing strategies, please reach out to Scott at slusk@signaldc.com. You can also follow him on LinkedIn.

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