President Trump is our Twitterer-in-Chief

Eric Bovim

Should the President maintain his personal Twitter account while in office?

Last week, President-Elect Trump said he will not relinquish his personal Twitter feed. Since his unorthodox campaign began, Twitter has been his primary political weapon. Consider that in mid-2015 he had around 4 million followers; today, that total now exceeds 20 million. For President Trump, it is his main portal to engaging with the public, media, and his supporters and critics. But as President, should he abandon or limit his use of his handle and use the @POTUS handle that was handed off to him from the former administration?

How do you feel about the President using his personal Twitter handle for public communications while in office? Check our Twitter poll and let us know what you think.

Just how powerful is 20 million followers? We break out comparisons below. The president is well within the top 70 Twitter accounts globally and has a Klout score of 95, making him among the top 1% of social accounts online.

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