Smart Digital Strategy in the Time of COVID-19

Rob Bole

As we go through this period of social distancing, digital platforms are even more relevant to getting your ideas and messages to the audiences that matter.

Digital is a powerful tool that can help organizations cut through the noise and elevate their messages above the fray. With the barrage of information surrounding Coronavirus, it is essential for companies to find cost-effective, yet impactful, ways to demonstrate their thought leadership, ideas and positions.

Here are ELEVEN low-cost digital services that your organization can utilize during this social distancing period:

  1. You Can Still Target Policymakers: Signal’s programmatic data resources allow us to target policymakers even when they aren’t in their offices. Keep your issues active during this crowded media cycle with display ads for legislative and executive staff working remotely.
  2. Micro Campaigns: Short Video + Social Elevation: Signal can help clients create short thought leadership and perspective video segments, using low-cost organic and paid social elevation programs to make sure the right people see them.
  3. Interactive Whitepaper + Elevation: Signal developed an extremely simple way to create a mini website that is specifically built to target policymakers, the media, and other key stakeholders. We can help you create an attractive, interactive piece of content that can punch through the noise and, with data targeting, ensure the right people access the site.
  4. Reach Audiences on LinkedIn or Medium: Not all clients will get their OpEd in the NYT, but there are highly credible platforms for them to publish their insights and positions. LinkedIn and Medium have strong platforms for clients; Linkedin alone has 65 million readers per month and dozens of dedicated editors.
  5. Elevate the OpEd: We can make sure that your OpEd is seen in an extremely busy news cycle and that it remains in the view of decision makers. We can help with organic and very low-cost targeted marketing to quickly connect the content with key audiences.
  6. Go Live: Reddit AMA, Facebook Live, periscope streams on Twitter: there are great opportunities to engage sectors and even the broader public using free broadcasting platforms that make it easy to reach audiences. We can help you plan, produce, and implement these programs and target these broadcasts for key stakeholders, policymakers, the media, etc.
  7. Webinars: Sometimes you need to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth. With the ever-increasing remote work crowd, webinars give users a break from their regular workday to learn about topics of importance. We can get your webinar live in as little as three business days.
  8. Tracking Competitor Behavior: Your competitors won’t stand still; we can use digital monitoring to track competitor changes they make on their website, changes to advertising behaviors, and tracking social media habits.
  9. Email, Still the Killer App: 99% of people use email every day. It is more widely used than any single social media platform, any single website, or any other online service. Signal can develop a plan for a single or regularly updated newsletter and help execute that plan through writing and creative development resources. We can also help you build the size of your list to increase your reach to new and existing consumers.
  10. COVID-19 on Social Media Report: We can curate a COVID-19 report which will monitor the conversation around the virus on social media to evaluate the rates and elevation in conversation as well as the most influential voices. Alternatively, if COVID-19 is having a significant impact on your industry, we can curate a social media report as it pertains to that industry. This will allow you to understand the conversation online around your work and COVID-19.
  11. Audience Review: Using our social and media monitoring tools, we can create an audience analysis in this time of crisis. This allows you to see how your audience is changing their behavior, who is influencing them, and who they have a greater affinity towards online. We can run this for current decision-making or to inform future campaign targeting and strategies.

As we go through this period of social distancing, digital platforms are even more relevant to getting your ideas and messages to the audiences that matter. At Signal, we know how to cut through the noise to move your agenda forward.

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