4CollegeAthletes promotes college athletes’ rights by coordinating legal support, implementing creative advocacy campaigns, and uniting advocates with current/former athletes and influential figures to fight for fundamental fairness and meaningful reform in college sports.

The Challenge

 4CollegeAthletes wanted to showcase their expansive vision and drive for the rights of college athletes through a website that effectively communicates the issue of college athletes’ owning the rights to the use of their name, image, and likeness in a manner that both informs and appeals to the public, as well as highlights their position as a strong advocate for this issue.

The Solution

Signal achieved this by elevating 4CollegeAthletes brand and promoting their goals through a new website and expanding their digital influence by enlisting the audience to “join the fight”; providing the group with new recruits to support their policy goals. Signal was able to quickly respond by building a new brand and digital home for the group within a tight timeline to reach college athletic fans on opening day.


  • Brand and Digital Strategy
  • Digital Media and Audience Engagement Development
  • Design and Creative Services