Advocating for Equality: Washington Bar Association, Wiley and Signal Group

A legislative and policy fireside chat with advocacy champions. Hosted by the WBA at Wiley, with Signal Group Managing Director Patrice Willoughby.

African American lawyers have always served an important role in advancing equity and equality from the first known African American Lawyer Macon Bolling Allen (1816 –1894) until the present day.

Tuesday’s Fireside Chat facilitated by the Washington Bar Association (“WBA”) presented an important discussion on a critical topic, “Advancing Equality Through Advocacy”. Whether serving as counselors, advocates, or in non-law roles, lawyers bring perspective and skills that can align interests to create a social benefit. Although polarization continues to persist in today’s political climate, African American/Black attorneys continue to be on the leading edge of bringing interests together for the good of all.

Sincere “Thanks” to Wiley and Managing Partner Peter Shields, the WBA and its President Henry E. Floyd, Jr., in partnership with Wiley’s African American/Black Attorney Affinity Group, WBA Vice President Kendra Perkins Norwood, and WBA Educational Foundation Charlyn Stanberry for including me and the Hon. Donald Cravins in this important discussion.

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