5 Strategies to Enhance B2B Thought Leadership Programs

Scott Lusk

Vice President of Communications Scott Lusk shares tips for producing B2B thought leadership content that stands out to decision-makers.

In today’s saturated media environment, leaders are prioritizing thought leadership programs to set their businesses apart. B2B thought leadership strategies help businesses grow their brand, attract new customers, establish credibility, and share best practices.
Thought leadership is critical to B2B customer engagement, but breaking through a crowded media environment requires communications and marketing expertise. Below are five key tips for producing B2B thought leadership content that stands out to decision-makers.
Prioritize Approachable and Authentic Content
The best thought leadership content strikes a balance between authoritative and authentic. Decision-makers have become more selective in the content they consume, and authentic thought leadership content is the most widely read.
Unify Thought Leadership Content with a Common Theme
Thought leadership programs should maintain a consistent story across all content. Communicators should develop thought leadership pillars that are true to the organization and resonate with customers. A consistent, well-rounded storyline will help customers identify a business’s brand.
Promote Through All Marketing Channels
Promoting thought leadership content requires a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. Communicators and marketers should highlight thought leadership content through public relations, digital, email, and social media efforts.
Create Different Types of Content
Relevant thought leadership content can take many forms. Instead of focusing solely on op-eds, communicators should utilize multiple types of content. White papers, original research, videos and podcasts can engage and inform the target audience.
Build Personas to Identify Target Audiences
Establishing customer personas enables marketers to develop content that speaks directly to their target audience. These personas should match a business’s customer base and include characteristics like age, location, job title, and purchasing power.
If you would like to discuss your organization’s public affairs or digital marketing strategies, please reach out to Scott at slusk@signaldc.com. You can also follow him on LinkedIn.

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