Analysis of Section 301 Tariff Actions

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Congress and the Administration have intensified their focus on the Section 301 tariff process in recent years. This has contributed to an increasingly delicate balance in the implementation of tariffs – as well as opportunities for U.S. entities to be offered exclusions.

Over the past five years, there has been considerable action using Section 301 of the Trade Act of 1974 to impose retaliatory trade mechanisms against the Chinese government for discriminatory trade practices. The trade dynamic between the U.S. and China has only grown more complex, especially as tensions between the two nations have also been on the rise diplomatically and economically.

This has led to a cadence of intensifying focus on the Section 301 process both legislatively and administratively. This focus from congressional policymakers, along with scrutiny from the administration and dedicated stakeholder advocacy, has contributed to an increasingly delicate balance in tariff implementation and exclusions.

Check out our latest insights on these Section 301 efforts – with a timeline of this tariff activity, an overview of the exclusion and review processes, a summary of ongoing negotiations for China competition legislation, and an analysis of the inflation debate surrounding tariffs.

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Timeline of Section 301 Tariff Actions Against China - Signal Group Deep-Dive
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